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How to hand-wind yarn


Tips for using a swift and winder


How to knit Jana's Scarf

For the very beginner. Learn the thumb cast-on, knit stitch, attaching a second ball of yarn, casting off, mattress stitch seaming, and weaving in ends. Includes pattern for Jana’s Scarf.


How to purl the Double Seed Cowl

You already know how to knit. Next, learn the knit-on cast on, how to purl, and how to tell the difference between knit stitches and purl stitches. Includes pattern for the Double Seed Cowl.


How to YO and the Effin Scarf

Learn to do a yarnover, a decorative increase “stitch.” Includes the updated version of Loops’ best-selling original pattern, the Effin Scarf. 


Cloudy with a Chance of Bling tips



Cloudy tips #2


Pippi cowl tips (dropstitch)

Mile High tips (brioche)


Sandestin Scarf tips



Blocking Your Knit and Crochet Projects



Headfirst Mitts: Double-Pointed Needles



How to Cable: Bunny Slopes and Moguls


Prussian Princess Cowl: Big eyelet tutorial

Marseille: Picot Bind-Off

No Need for a Towel Cowl (crochet):


Hot Hippie Vest (crochet):

Hot Hippie Vest (knit):

Knit Stars (9/16 crochet)

Knit Stars (9/16 knit)


Medallion Scarf (11/16 crochet)


Wrap & Turn, picking up (1/17 knit)

Queen of Clubs (1/17 crochet)


Candy Jar Concho (2/17 knit)


Candy Jar Concho (2/17 crochet)


Not So Cold Shoulder (6/17)


Let It Bead (9/17)


Face Your Fears (10/17)